About Us


Corporate standing
In the State of Gujarat with the name Continental Credit and Investment Limited and the change the name to Contil India Limited vide fresh certificate of incorporation issued on 26/12/2007 .The company has got a registration as NBFC from the Reserved bank of India vide Certificate

Diversification in Main Corporate Activities
The Board of Directors has embarked upon the diversification in the activities of export of the food article, consumables to the continent of Canada through its alliance business venture in Canada. To justify the expansions the company is exploring the market establishment in continent of USA. The export frontier has yielded remunerative overwhelming response with the increased in the turnover and profitable contribution

Composition of Board of Directors and Management Committees.
The day to day affaires and policy matter are looked after by the young generation Professional Directors with specialized knowledge and sub delegated power to the management committees for execution of polices to meet with the ethical and corporate governance engraved objective.

Presently board of directors is composed of as under.

K. H. Contractor

Chairman & MD

N. H. Contractor


A. H. Nagarsheth


R. H. Chokhawala